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Bao jie auto parts co., LTD., founded in 2006, is located in beautiful hangzhou fuyang, located at the hangzhou wild animal world, near avenue, Kowloon, about 15 kilometers away from hangzhou city, about 60 km away from xiaoshan international airport, is extremely advantageous geographical location, traffic is very convenient.Co., LTD. Is a collection of scientific research, production, management and service in a body's privately operated enterprise, since the company since its creation in a large amount of manpower and material resources and financial resources on product research and development, the existing staff of 78 people, and with zhejiang university of technology institute of the ministry of education key laboratory for advanced manufacturing to maintain long-term cooperation. Has won 3 invention patents, new utility model number.The company has long been adhering to the "customer first win-win cooperation practical Serve the community, "the concept of development, in the past few years, the company has been committed to the development design of auto supplies, including the first domestic urban SUV car electric automatic telescopic pedals, massage chair, car lights brighten up.Has more than 10 foreign and domestic companies cooperation, has become a global market of auto parts manufacturers and suppliers.



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