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Our company is the first independent R & D SUV model electric pedal manufacturers.

When the door is opened, the pedal will automatically come out to provide you with safe and convenient access to your car. When the door is closed, the pedal will be smooth flowing back to the car. Does not affect the vehicle's passing, do not change the original car line and hole. The unique design of the expansion is more convenient and beautiful, let your car out of the ordinary.

Electric car rear door electric trunk. Refers to the use of electric or remote control to open or close the trunk. Click the correct cab button or remote control key, the trunk will automatically open or close, can also press the button on the trunk, the trunk open or closed.
It is common in the electric suction door luxury car to a safe and comfortable configuration, when the door is not closed under the condition that the door will automatically pull until completely shut down. This function: 1 close the door when you do not have to be very strong, increased comfort, but also to make the door more elegant action. 2 doors in the semi lock state will increase the risk, with this function will not have to worry about. .



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